Mario Prada originally launched his company in 1913. Selling their products through two boutiques in Milan, the leather goods shop sold imported English steamer trunks, handbags and other leather goods. The brand developed a prestigious reputation becoming a favourite destination for international aristocrat and high-class customers. In 1919, to recognize the businesses prestige, it was appointed as official supplier to the Italian Royal House. The coat of arms and knotted rope symbol of the House of Savoy became a primary part of Prada’s trademark logo.

Today Miuccia Prada has helped develop Prada into one of the worlds most influential and significant fashion houses. Creating a recognizable stable and sophisticated aesthetic, she takes a narrative approach to designing blending her work with ideas taken from her everyday experiences. Miuccia Prada understands the value of quality and lays great importance on the historic artisan mastery which is integral with the company. Together Miuccia Prada and partner Patrizio Bertelli have created a brand that, not only anticipates, but drives fashion.